Bee Venom in a face mask?This stuff works miracles!


There are so many crazy things that companies are trying to grab our attention with & when it comes to the next revolution in beauty treatments Bee Venom is something that I’ve heard a lot.

So when I discovered that my regular face mask brand Timeless Truth did one, I decided to offer it in the salon along with the existing masks that I have from their range & my clients loved it! So naturally I had to try one out for myself.

These masks are so easy to apply & feel refreshing on your skin.

As you can see, the results speak for themselves. After just 1 application of the Timeless Truth Bio-cellulose Bee Venom & Royal Jelly face mask treatment my skin looks more youthful & radiant, my fine lines are gone & my skin feels & looks firmer. All these results in just 20minutes too!


This award winning mask has definitely helped my skin & I am so pleased that I am able to offer such a brilliant product to my clients.

If you would like to try out this amazing treatment for yourself pop on over to the Beauty Belle website for more information on this salon sheet mask & check out the full range of Timeless Truth masks.

Great skin is only a click away


What’s happening at my nail desk?


After returning to work last week after unforseen circumstances had me off work for almost 4 weeks, (basically getting sick & feeling like my body failed me, I think it was telling me to slow down & that I needed rest), I had an influx of appointments, most of them being nail related.

There has definitely been a trend occurring in my salon over the weekend for ballerina shaped nails with loads of glitter.

 I got to use my new INK London products that I talked about in my last post to create these looks & my clients are loving them.

I definitely recommend using the INK London Lord gel brush for long nails like this as I found I had to go back into the Jellypro a few times when using the CAT2 oval brush, but it was perfect when it came to the nails I did in the middle picture that I encapsulated glitter on as I was able to be more precise as the brush was smaller. Either way both of these brushes are great for different sized nails so I’ll definitely continue to use both of them.

Here are a few pictures 

I wonder what will be trending this week? 

Have a great week everyone, if you would like more information about the treatments I offer or you would like to book an appointment, get in touch by visiting


Nothing beats finding a new brand that you love, especially when you’re a nail tech 💅


Yes I know, as nail techs we are constantly bombarded with brands advertising the latest ‘must hare’s nail products that will make our lives easier & our clients shriek in amazement, quite often we fall victim to these false claims & after parting with our hard earned cash, we find ourselves not being able to use said products as we find out that like most fads these days many companies are dishing out cheap alternatives that only look good once photo shopped to the furthest parts of the galaxy & we can never achieve these results in real life! This also means we have to deal with our clients’s expectations & although what we do often seems like Sheer saucers, we cannot actually transplant a real life sparkling Unicorn horn to their nails, but we can sculpt one out of hard gel or acrylic 😀 I’ll be covering that in a future post though. So for now, let me tell you about a wonderful brand I recently discovered that is making my nail work a whole lot easier & a lot more fun.

Meet INK London, a professional only nail brand that is based right here in the UK that offer accredited nail training & a wide range of nail products that adhere to EU laws, that are not in any way tested on animals & they are also affordable.

I 1St discovered INK London whilst visiting the BeautyUK show in Birmingham back in May, after purchasing some of their products & trying them out I instantly became a fan.

Today I received my 1St online order from them & I was very impressed in how well packaged it all was, & delivery was super quick.

Along with a new colour in my favourite hard gel Jellypro (the one pictured above is called Cover Lover) I also wanted to try out some new products too. I already had their Lord gel brush & their new CAT2 gel brush looked too cute not to try.

As you can see, there is a significant size difference between the 2 brushes, as well as obvious differences in their appearance. Both are oval gel brushes, Lord is a size 6 natural hair kolinsky brush which has a lavish golden pear design that will look gorgeous on any nail desk, it is also more weighty & chunky in its design & up until now it has been my brush of choice for all of my gel nail applications. CAT2 is a size 2 synthetic hair brush that is very lightweight & delicate in appearance, as it is smaller it should make light work of creating precise application of product & I am looking forward to trying it out this weekend. I will report back with my findings. 

Until then, if you would like to find out more information about INK London & their wonderful products you can visit their website

Thanks for reading xxx

That’s another goal ticked off my list 😀


Anyone who works in the Nail industry will be familiar with Scratch Magazine & for some nail techs like myself it’s a dream come true to have them even ‘like’ an image of work that gets posted to their social media, let alone shared on one of their pages.

A few weeks ago I posted an image in the comments section of the Scratch Magazine Facebook page in response to their post ‘what’s trending at your nail desk?’ and I had a message from them asking me about why this particular look was so popular with my clients & how I created it.

Then this week whilst scrolling through my social media I spotted this!

Safe to say I am ecstatic that I got featured in their #Trendingtuesday section online in Scratch Magazine 😀 & my write up has been published too! It feels so good that a professional nail tech magazine has acknowledged my work & deemed it good enough to be featured. I am always so self critical about my work & I strive for perfection with everything that I do, so for me I am so proud of this.

You can read the full article here

To me this is proof that all of my hard work, efforts & training are paying off & that I’m heading in the right direction. I would love to be an educator for my favourite nail brand one day & have my work published on a front cover & it’s achievments like this that make me know I’m heading in the right direction.

Keep striving for success & you will get there, even if it takes a while. 

It’s worth the effort 


Summer Vibes, fake tan & new makeup…getting my glow back


After having such a crazy start to the summer with moving into a salon, the open evening, magazine shoot & generally having my mind permanently in work mode & not paying myself a wage, I decided that it was about time that I blew off some steam & did something for myself as for the past 3 months I just haven’t had time. 

The open event went really well, although I must admit that I was a little nervous as the Mayor of Torfaen attended & I even got to give her a mini manicure which she loved. 

You can read the Mayor of Torfaen’s full review of the event over on her blog

I also held a charity raffle which some of my favourite brands kindly sponsored by donating prizes & I also did a masking demonstration using Timeless Truth face masks which were kindly sent to me from 

A huge thank you to all of the brands that sponsored the event

Here is my page that was published in Voice Magazine as part of the Salon article.

So last week I treated myself to some new goodies & since I’ve been jealous of all the gorgeous spray tans I’ve been giving my clients I got myself some fake tan as it’s too difficult to spray tan myself.

I also bought myself a new top from Quizz at Debenhams along with some new Urban Decay foundation to match my golden tan. I also popped into House of Fraser & finally found the perfect summer dress.

The dress (pictured above) is from Warehouse & it’s so comfortable to wear. I struggle a lot finding dresses due to my height & this one fits perfectly. I can see me wearing it a lot throughout the summer.

As for my next steps, I will be completing more beauty training so that I can offer more treatments in the salon, I will be learning to drive & planning a sunny holiday break away with my best friend as we both deserve to treat ourselves & relax for once.

So that’s me keeping you all up to date, if you would like to view my latest work including this year’s prom makeovers or if you would like to book an appointment visit my Facebook page

Hope you all have a nice summer xxx 

New Timeless Truth Firming Bio-cellulose Breast Mask!…let’s give this a try


I was lucky enough to try out this new Timeless Truth Firming Bio-cellulose Breast Mask from @beautybelleire & I must admit, I was sceptical at first as to whether this would work, but after trying it, I can see & feel an improvement.
The mask felt cooling & wasn’t uncomfortable, it was easy to apply & after 20minutes my skin felt firmer, softer & moisturised. It also improved the appearance of my skin too. I definitely think that you will see more longer lasting results after a few consecutive mask applications, & I recommend giving this new Timeless Truth mask a go, I did & I was pleasantly surprised.

For more information on the Timeless Truth mask range visit the Beauty Belle website at

One small step for me, one giant leap for my beauty business.


I know, it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. So much has taken place since then, mostly positive though. An opportunity came way that I had been considering for a while, but I never really had the courage before to actually do it. This time, however, I decided to take the plunge & invest in myself for my family’s future & I have moved my small mobile beauty business into a salon. Now, this might not seem like a big step to some of you, but for me it’s huge! I have finally let go of the self doubt that I had & told that voice in my head that is constantly saying “it won’t work, you’re not good enough” to shut up. I have always been hyper-critical of my own abilities, & despite having a regular client base & years of experience, I have always been scared of taking that next step in growing my business. 

But now that’s all changed. So on the 18th April I started my new business venture & I am now no longer a mobile beautician, I am now, finally based in a salon.

It is early days at the moment & my set up is very basic, but I know that I can slowly change & adapt this as my business grows. I feel so much more confident working in this environment & so far my clients are loving being able to come to the salon to have their treatments done & I have a steady flow of new clients coming to me that I would not have gained if I had stayed mobile. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still daunting, but it’s also exciting too.

Here is some of the new work that I’ve done since being there.

I’ve also been busy doing gel polish manicures & pedicures too.

My new premises is called Beauty at Furley’s & it is situated in Unique Boutique Salon, 23 John Baker Close, Llantarnam Business Park, Cwmbran NP44 3AX

I am now able to offer more appointment spaces for Proms & Bridal this year as well as having more space for doing all of the other treatments that are available. If you would like to book an appointment let me know. I am available in the salon for appointments on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & a Saturday.

You can contact me via my Facebook page